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OnlyFans Sexting Guide: Sexting Ideas With Examples Scripts

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If you are curious about OnlyFans sexting, this article will introduce you to everything related to sexting with your OnlyFans subscribers. I have answer every question an adult content creator might be asking about sexting with fans on OnlyFans.

You can make a lot of money with offering OnlyFans sexting to your subscribers. In this article, you will learn about what is OnlyFans sexting and how to be a good sexter. We also discussed how much you should be charging for sexting on OnlyFans.

Are you impressed by the passive incomes that OnlyFans creators make by sexting with subscribers? Or do you want to know the recipe for delivering perfect sexting sessions? In either case, this blog is a complete sexting guide for you.

Sexting refers to an artistic expression of your fantasies and how you describe what you feel through words. However, not everyone masters the art of sexting. Some people lack the confidence to send romantic messages, while others hesitate to send their nudes. 

OnlyFans sexting guide

Considering this, we have composed this guide to help you with everything you want to know about sexting on OnlyFans. From sharing sexting tips to giving examples and estimating the profitability of sexting on OnlyFans, this blog is a comprehensive guide to OnlyFans sexting. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down to master the art of sending intimate messages to your fans.

What is Sexting?

The term “sexting” must not be new or unknown to anyone reading this blog. However, for those who would like to read a definition, sexting is a combination of sex and texting. It is a sexual activity that involves two consenting adults who engage in sexual conversation through their mobile phones or any other devices.

During a sexting session, partners may share fantasies and send sexual messages while imagining themselves together. As a result, sexting is all about imagining your partner sexually and texting about what you would do to them if they were with you. A sexting experience does not need to be limited to text messages; partners can exchange audio, photos, or videos to spice things up.

Sexting on OnlyFans: Is It Worth a Try?

As an OnlyFans creator, you must know the significance of engaging with your fans. But how do you engage with them? Sexting is an excellent way to entertain, engage, and get involved with your OnlyFans subscribers while making money. Sexting is a paid OnlyFans service where creators charge a fixed or time-based fee for communicating intimately with their fans.

Sexting on OnlyFans can help you establish long-term customer relationships and gain you profits in several ways. For example, you can sell many other services while sexting, gain more PPV sales, and earn generous tips from satisfied clients. So, if you were considering whether or not to include sexting in your OnlyFans services, let us tell you that it is a win-win deal for you. 

The 10 Best Sexting Ideas and Tips for OnlyFans Creators

Now that we know that sexting on OnlyFans can be massively profitable and a passive method of engagement on your profile. But remember, sexting with your fans is like a work of art. You must know how to carry out an impressive sexting session to keep your fans coming back for it. 

Below is a list of the top 10 expert sexting tips and ideas for OnlyFans creators to carry out perfect intimate sessions:

Tip One: Do Not Think It Is a Part of Your Job

We know you are on OnlyFans to make profits, but some services, like sexting, require equal participation from both ends. As we said earlier, sexting is all about imagination, and if you cannot imagine something, you can not make your partner imagine it, either. Therefore, to deliver authentic and sensual experiences to your fans, you must step in their shoes and feel the same.

Summarizing, a perfect sexting session starts with you putting your hands on your wet zone and imagining yourself in a sexual situation. So, if you were thinking of sexting with subscribers while working in your office, you must reconsider it.

Tip Two: Always Put Your Fan’s Fantasies Before Yours

When you are doing a paid job and taking money to sext with someone, their sexual fantasies must get prioritized over yours. So, regardless of whether or not you like something, you must create an imagination about it if your fan likes it. For example, if your fan has a fetish for feet, you must talk about sext about a foot job or something related during your sexting session.

Therefore, before you start sending romantic messages, it is better to ask about your buyer’s preferences, likes, dislikes, and sexual fantasies. Moreover, you may also ask if they want to take things slow or would like to jerk off quickly. Once you have gathered enough information, start your show.

Tip Three: Share Your Fantasies With Your Fans

Again, you must not deal with sexting as a job and instead enjoy it equally with your fans. Considering this, you can also share your turn-ons and turn-offs with your clients and see if they would like to sext about it. Once you receive a green light, start your sexting script with a perfect blend of your and your fan’s sexual choices.

Tip Four: Make Your Own Sexting Scripts

Once you are aware of your subscriber’s sexual fantasies, it is time to structure a perfect storyline. Of course, you cannot start talking about intercourse before making a scenario. Therefore, consider starting it slow, imagining you are your partner together, and gradually advancing to more sexually intense situations.

Furthermore, avoid acting robotically and sticking to your scripts at all costs. Instead, be welcoming and feel your fan’s responses too. If they want to take the scenario somewhere they didn’t imagine, just go with the flow, keep sending intimate messages, and enjoy the ride. 

Tip Five: Send Nudes and PPVs Amidst Sexting Sessions

As an OnlyFans creator, you must always think creatively and look for opportunities to make money. For example, when you are sexting with your fan, consider sending relevant PPVs, encouraging the recipient to unlock them in order to have realistic experiences. However, remember that the PPVs sent during a sexting session must be relevant and interactive. It means if you are imagining having sex in the lounge, sending pictures of yourself in the bathtub is irrelevant. 

Furthermore, consider sending free-to-view images to avoid giving your clients the impression that you are using them to make money. Also, never force your sexting partner to buy a PPV and stick with sending tempting offers only.

Tip Six:  Offer and Introduce Other Services During a Sexting Session

While we are talking about sending PPVs during a sexting session, you can also think more creatively and entice your clients about your other sexual services. For example, you can invite them to take a dick rating from you or buy a jerk-off instruction manual to level up the sexting experience.

Moreover, if you feel that your fans are interested in spending more time with you, offer them a girlfriend experience (GFE) service where they can spend hours or even days staying closer to you. Again, remember that your job is just to offer and not to force anything.

Tip Seven: Use an Easy-to-Understand Language

Sexting is everything about sending romantic messages to your subscribers. Now, who wants to open a dictionary to understand what you mean to say in a sexual text? No one, we believe. As a result, even if you are a language expert, remember to communicate in simple language that can be understood and imagined at first glance.

Moreover, avoid using disrespectful words that may offend any subscriber. Also, limit using acronyms or abbreviations, as not everyone understands them.

Tip Eight: Make a Limited Use of Emojis

Placing a balanced amount of emojis in your sexting is an excellent way of including expression in your texts. However, using too many emoticons can create a sense of confusion and distract your sexting partner from focusing on the script. Therefore, maintain a balance and use a maximum of two or three emojis in your sexual message to add emotions.

Tip Nine: Keep Your Conversation Realistic

If you have an unrealistic sexual fantasy, it is better to keep it to yourself and not introduce it during an intimate sexual session. It is because something that might appear normal to you may be unimaginative for your fans. 

Since you are the driver during sexting with your subscribers, talking about unrealistic situations and scenarios can be a turn-off for your partners. After all, you do not want to see an eye roll and hear “Yeah, right” from your sexting partners. 

Tip Ten: Keep Your Prices Reasonable and Realistic

As a seller, you may get tempted by the high sexting prices set by the top creators on the platform, but always remember where you stand in sexting skills and experiences. If you are a beginner-level sexter, consider charging a reasonable fee in order to attract clients. Here is an average fee OnlyFans creators can charge for sexting with their fans:

  • $10-$15 for a 15-minute text-only sexting session.
  • $20-$30 for a 15-minute sexting session with two customized pictures.
  • $25-$40 for a 20-minute sexting session with media and audio.

Sexting Examples for OnlyFans Creators

Below are some examples of how you can structure your sexual messages and send them to your fans in order to make a passive income.

  • Just thinking about having your amazing penis inside of me makes me crazy 🌊
  • I cannot wait until the next time you put those fingers inside my ass. I hope you come back soon to Mommy. 💋 💋 💋
  • I am going to be your baby girl tonight. Are you ready to spank me with your hands, Daddy? 😍💋
  • How about you lay back and enjoy the sensation of my tongue on your dick? 
  • I cannot stop imagining your cock in my pussy while you play with my nipples 👙 💋
  • I watched a porn movie where the man tied up his slut and fucked her all night. Would you like to do that with me? 😍 😘
  • I have hidden a dildo under my bed. Would you like to insert it in my ass while you fuck my pussy?
  • I just came out of the shower, and my body is dripping rain. Want to see a picture of me naked in the bathroom? 🚿

P.S. OnlyFans Sexting Guide: Sexting Ideas With Examples

Remember, there is no secret or script to perfect sexting, and it all comes down to the likes, dislikes, and sexual fantasies of the partners involved. As an OnlyFans creator, if you want to deliver the perfect sexting session, you must learn about your fans and interact with them personally. Moreover, it is mandatory for you to have fun while sexting and write what you are actually feeling in order to develop a strong bond with your OnlyFans community.

We sincerely hope this detailed guide has helped you learn everything you wanted to know about sexting with your OnlyFans subscribers. 

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