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Dick Rating Examples: How To Rate Dicks? For OnlyFans Creators

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What is Dick's rating? This guide is for anyone looking to learn how to dick ratings with examples and ideas. This guide will help adult content creators who are interested in getting in dick rating.

This is an article for creators who receive messages from their susbcribers about dick rating on OnlyFans. People make a lot of money sexting.

If you’re even remotely connected with adult content creation, chances are you might’ve heard or read about dick ratings; be it on a creator’s bio, be it on a post, or generally someone talking about it. 

As a whole, these days dick ratings are ALMOST everywhere you seek adult entertainment because the demand is absolute nuts. 

Nonetheless, even if you’re not known to the club of dick ratings, this guide will LEGIT get you fully equipped with how to do a dick rating and how you can start earning money from it. 

So, let's dive right into it. 

What is Dick Rating?

As the name suggests, a dick rating is when a creator rates someone’s dicks. Generally, the rating is done from 10 to 0 but it may vary depending on the creator who is rating that cock. Additionally, there are plenty of types of dick ratings that creators are offerings which we’ll talk about in a bit. 

So think about all the dick pictures that are roaming around the internet, especially in women’s DMs actually getting attention. Yup, this is what dick ratings are and they’re the hottest topic in town because the money you can earn is SWEET as Pie. 

On the other hand, for men, someone looks at their penis and they give a review about their cucumber. Which generally gets ignored because of the harassy nature of them. 

Why do men like dick ratings?

Like it or not, but a majority of men are curious about what women think about their size down below. Of course, men can't sleep with every woman around town to find out what they have to say about them, therefore, the better approach is rather to find someone who has seen plenty of dicks in their life and tell them about how and what they think of theirs. 

It's like a fetish which is more safe and kind to the person. 

In addition, men also like it when someone famous ranks or talks about their dick. For them, it just feels like a kind of acceptance that they’ve never had before. It also gives them the impression that if they’re to ever sleep with that famous creator, chances are they’ll be able to please her. 

Also, hearing good things about ourselves is a form of social acceptance that we’re all looking for. So dick ratings also cater to that. 

Overall, dick ratings aren't just purely entertainment but they do hold weight for many men on how they perceive themselves. 

Different types of dick ratings?

As of total, we can only find three different types of dick ratings that are popular on the internet right now. These include:

1. Honest Ones or Honest Dick Ratings (HDR)

This is the most common category out there. HDR means the creator will give their review about a dick pic honestly. They will not try to manipulate the answer but rather be honest about how they perceive it. 

Most of the creators usually give a small comment about the dick pic they saw. This can either be in the form of a text or a video in which the creator also names the person whose dick she just rated. 

Overall, the theme of this category is to be as honest as the creator can be without thinking about the feelings of the other person. 

2. Small Penis Humiliation (SPH)

This is another category of dick rating in which the whole theme is to embarrass the person who sent their dick to be rated. This is generally popular among the FemDom community because there is a certain class of men who have humiliation kink and they love it when a dom shouts at their dick or calls it pathetic. 

Generally, this isn’t very common outside of the femdom community and this is why it might be challenging to get the real experience outside of the community. Sometimes creators also invite their friends and they do the dick rating altogether, which makes it more humiliating for the person. 

3. Dick Improvement Tips & Tricks:

In this category, the creator will give tips and tricks on how a person can improve their dick, and increase its size or thickness. This is done by someone who knows about human biology and has worked in the field of human sexuality or something related to it. 

The creator will look at the person’s dick and tell them what it’s missing and how the person can improve their take so that their chances of pleasing a woman are greater. 

Depending upon the type or kind of creator, these tips and tricks will vary. Some might recommend you do different masturbation techniques while others may ask you to eat some supplements. Again, it depends on the creator. However, make sure you both have clear boundaries and make sure you don’t end up doing something that would harm you, rather than improve your dick. 

4. Penis Worship

This fourth category is penis worship and it's exactly what the name tells you! The creator, regardless of how a dick is, they are to give praise to it. For many men, it makes them extremely horny. Of course, it doesn’t have to be 100% praises but the general theme has to be more towards politeness and commendation of that person’s penis. 

As a general rule of thumb, creators find one area of a dick that they find hot and praise it. This makes it easy for them to make the other person happy. Likewise, they’ll also find one area of that person’s penis not so good, and for that, they’ll either give reasons as to why they didn’t like it or be straight up about it. 

Generally, this category is requested by men who are either Alpha in their nature or have recently gone through a very rough heartbreak so they just want something nice to hear about their dick! 

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How to do dick rating: step-by-step guide

Doing a dick rating isn’t that hard at all. It only takes about 10 to 15 minutes of your day. Our step-by-step dick rating guide will help you a lot. So, follow these simple steps. 

Step 1: 

Always ask for a clear picture. Most of the time your sender will not send you a clear picture which is only going to make your job more difficult. So, upon agreeing to do a dick rating, do ask for a clear picture which should include the following:

  • Take a bath or at least clean your penis with soap before taking a picture. This is extremely important as this will make all the hidden scars on a penis visible. 
  • Ask your sender to take a picture in front of a bright light or use the cell phone’s flash. You need that penis to be visible and erect.
  • Lastly, ask your sender to send 4 different pictures: 1 from the top, 1 from the right side, 1 from the left side, and 1 from down. This will give you a 360 angle of that penis. 
  • Optional: Ask them to shave. For many creators, an unshaved penis is a big no so if that’s the case with you, let this be known to your sender. 

Step 2: 

Now that you’ve gotten a nice picture of that penis, it's time you thoroughly see it first. Some things you need to thoroughly review include:

  • Dick’s color. 
  • Does the dick bend?
  • Its length. 
  • Its thickness. 
  • Does it have any scars or lines?
  • Is it circumcised or not? 
  • How big is the head? 

Step 3: 

Start giving different points to each category depending on the type of dick rating you’re doing and your taste. Be thorough. This is no time to rush, so please take your time. 

Step 4:

Give the rating either on a video or on a DM. Make sure you use the sender’s name, it's a big thing for men, believe it or not. 

You’re done. That’s it!

How much to charge for your services?

Now comes the most crucial part and that is how much can you potentially charge for your dick ratings. This is how you can do it. 

1. Consider where you stand:

Before you can give your rates, you must consider where you’re standing out and be realistic about it. Are you a famous pornstar on OnlyFans with more than 25k followers or are you a newbie on the platform, just trying to build an audience?

For both the creators, the rates are going to be extremely different. 

2. Type of dick rating you’re doing:

The second thing you need to consider is what type of dick rating you are doing. We mentioned there are 4 different types of dick ratings in the article above. Each is going to take a different amount of practice, and time which will obviously have an impact on how you charge. The more time it takes, the higher the rates. 

3. Considering the medium for dick rating:

To do dick ratings, you have three mediums to choose from. The first is written text, the second is audio and the third is a video. 

The video one takes the most effort therefore if you’re doing that, you’ll be charging more for it. The second is the audio one which doesn’t take much time so of course you’re going to charge less and the same goes with the written text. 

So, this is another factor that is going to impact your dick rating prices. 

4. Final Price:

After considering all of the above-mentioned factors, the most common types of charges that creators are asking for range between $5 to $25. 

For those who are famous pornstars, this amount can go as high as $200 for one single dick rating. 

Final Verdict: How much to charge for your services?

There is no fixed amount on how much you should be charging for your dick rating services. The amount can be increased or decreased depending upon multiple factors which we have covered extensively above. 

Is dick rating a lucrative business?

Yes, dick rating can be a very lucrative business. 

However, to start earning a good sum from a dick rating, you’ll have to be some form of a personality on the internet, especially on the adult content creation side. Because, at the end of the day, men want to hear opinions about their dick from someone who has accepted a dozen or more dicks in her life. 

It is the sexual experience of a creator that matters a lot to them. Therefore, to get good dick ratings orders, you’ll have to make sure you’re renowned in your adult content creation niche. 


In the adult content creation industry, there’s a lot that’s going on and this is where dick ratings come along. Dick ratings are when a creator rates a person’s dick which they receive through either pictures or videos.

They can then rate the dick from 10 to 0, giving their opinion about the dick they just saw. For men, it's something extremely exciting as this makes their dick picture not only accepted but also seen among adult creators. 

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