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OnlyFans Welcome Message Examples With Ideas 

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OnlyFans automatic messages or welcome messages are very important, and you could make more money as an adult content creator. In this guide, we shared ideas with examples of welcome messages for OnlyFans creators.

Whenever someone subscribes to you, your subscriber or fan receives an automatic message on OnlyFans. In this article, we will discuss everything about sending automatic messages on OnlyFans and how you use it to make more money with your content. In this article, we have shared Automatic message ideas with examples. 

You can set up automatic messages in your OnlyFans profile, and OnlyFans will help you send that message automatically to your fans. You can add PPVs (pay-per-view videos) or a text message with instructions for your fans to check out your Tip menu. 

OnlyFans Automatic messages are also called Welcome messages, which is a message a fan or a subscriber receives as they subscribe to you. It is done automatically and you need to set it once. 

What are Welcome messages on OnlyFans? 

Automatic messages or welcome messages are the pre-drafted welcome messages that are sent automatically to your subscribers when they subscribe to your OnlyFans page. These Automatic messages give you a chance to make the first move and have a strong and everlasting impression on your new subscribers. 

Think of these messages as a warm, sensual hug you give them for choosing you. These automated messages are not just a way of thanking for welcoming them, but you can use these messages to grab their attention by giving them a sneak peek of what they can expect from your profile. You can also encourage them to engage with your content. 

 These welcome messages are the perfect way to build a strong connection with your subscribers from the beginning. You all must be thinking about what can be the perfect welcome message for your subscribers; this depends on your style and how you want to be perceived by your lovely subscribers. 

You can be dirty, playful, shy, or even mysterious- This is all about what your subscribers can expect from your exclusive content.

How to set up Automatic messages on OnlyFans? 

Setting up an online welcome note on OnlyFans is a simple process that helps you in welcoming and engaging with your new subscribers. Below is the step by step guide of setting 

Automatic messages on OnlyFans:

1. Open the website of OnlyFans on your browser that is OnlyFans

2. Login to your account by using your user id and password

OnlyFans page

When you will open your creators id you will see a bar in left corner tap to more.

OnlyFans homepage ofa creator

When you tap to “more”, a new bar will open and tap on settings there.

OnlyFans profile menu

When the settings bar is opened, tap on chats.

chatting on OnlyFans

After going in chats you will see the Welcome message bar. Under that bar you will turn on the option for sending an automated welcome message to new fans.

welcome message on OnlyFans

When you turn on the setting for automated messages a message bar will appear where you can type any message you want and can easily customize it. This is the tricky part as you must be confused what to write here but do not worry we have covered it the next part of the article from where you can get ton of ideas for your automated message and then can customize it according to your content and personality. 

setting up automatic messages

After typing your customize message, it's time to hit the save button. 

automatic message section in OnlyFans

And that's all. You have your own automated welcome message. 

Automatic Messages Ideas on OnlyFans: 

Idea 1:

You can welcome your new subscribers with a seductive question that will leave your subscribers wanting them for more.

Through this you can easily grab your subscribers attention and they will be encouraged to participate in conversation with you which in return will develop a strong bond.

Idea 2:

Give your new subscribers a naughty sneak peak of good things which awaits them.

By giving them a sneak peak of your explicit content they will get more curious. They will spend more time on your profile in order to satisfy their desires. By giving them teasers the subscribers will always be waiting for your new content and you will have a committed fanbase.

Idea 3:

Send a welcome message in which you ask them about their opinion about you. It can be anything, like asking about the outfit if it looks good on you or even better send a sexy pic in your favorite swimsuit and ask about their opinion.

By sending this type of welcome message you can easily connect with your new subscribers on a personal level. This idea will not only increase your engagement with your subscribers but through this you will get more ideas about what suits you more or what new content to post that your subscribers like.

Idea 4:

Make them curious about yourself by making them know what you are doing to yourself right now or what you are wearing.

By giving them short hints or making them curious about yourself the subscribers will tend to actively participate in the conversation. And who doesn't love guessing the naughtiest things one can do…….

Idea 5:

Give your new subscribers a teaser of your latest content and ask them about their deepest desires. 

After viewing the teaser your subscribers would want to have more of your explicit content. They will engage and share more as sharing their desires will make them feel they are in control and can fulfill their dark desires with you.

Automatic messages Examples: 

Example of idea 1:

Hey gorgeous. Let's get to know each other. Tell me what is your biggest turn on? Or should i tell you mine first?😉

Example Of idea 2:

Hey there, I am super excited to share my hidden treasures with you. Here is a little sneak peak of what i have for you 🍑. Get ready for the time of your life💋👄.

Example of idea 3:

Hey you….. I need your opinion… Do you like how my bikini fits me in all the right places?

Example of idea 4:

Greetings my lovely subscriber…...Do you wanna take a guess what i am doing right now? Or maybe you can guide me to do something fun………😉💋

Example of idea 5:

Are you there? I have finished making a video but I'm not sure if I should upload it….. Wanna help me make better videos that you enjoy🤤?

How much do you charge for PPVs in Welcome messages? 

Now let's talk about PPVs (Pay-Per-View). You need to set the right mood for your subscribers while welcoming them. Make them feel that they have subscribed to the right person and you are the only one who can fulfill all their deepest darkest desires. 

So the question arises that how should you charge for your PPVs in your welcome message. Well there is no specific rule or strategy which every creator should follow. Charging for PPVs depends upon many things like the value and quality of your content.

If you give high quality content that is hot, steamy, sensual, sexy and creative at the same time then you can charge a rate between $5 to $10.

Then comes the strategy for the pricing. Some creators start from keeping the charges of PPVs low by giving them just the sneak peak and then charging them higher for more of your steamy content.. It is just like making your customers starve for a main course after giving them the tastiest appetizers.

In contrast, some creators tend to go bold right from the beginning. They set the price of their PPVs high from the beginning by giving their subscribers high quality steamingly hot content. It's like telling them that you are here to fulfill all their desires and finish every time they open your profile. 

This strategy can work wonders if you have the creative and unique content for your subscribers. So never be afraid to experiment with pricing. Just keep an eye on what makes your audience go crazy for you and then charge for PPVs accordingly.

Here is a brownie tip for you all. Try to give your new subscribers discounts or bundles. It's like giving your subscribers a sexy gift to make them feel welcomed.

In the alluring world of OnlyFans where the supreme powers are in your subscribers hands. The art of pricing your PPVs and writing seductive welcome messages are your best companion in creating a loyal and engaging fanbase. 

So, dear creators, show all you have got, be creative, be bold and rule this platform with your sensuality and be the beacon of light in your subscribers dull life. It's time to fulfill their desires along with your bank balance.

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