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OnlyFans Restricted Words: 51 Banned Words You Should Not Use In OnlyFans

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OnlyFans censor even harmless words. Check out the list of 150+ restricted words on OnlyFans to ensure you do not violate their user policy. 

You would think a site revolving around adult content would be hesitant about censorship. But OnlyFans limits an incredible range of words every day. 

Banning certain words makes total sense. OnlyFans isn’t an actual porn site. They don’t want content bordering on the illegal. 

Yet, some choices prove to be mind-boggling. Preventing the use of the word “consent” on a site where it should be the most used is concerning. The site bans words you wouldn’t assume it would. And so we have an updated list of 150+ restricted words on OnlyFans. 

You don’t want to get flagged by the system. 

Updated List of 150+ Banned Words on OnlyFans in Alphabetical Order

OnlyFans constantly enters new banned words into the system. A good way to keep track of it is to save Sophie Ladder’s Google spreadsheet. 

It keeps track of content and word restrictions on known sex work websites. 

150+ OnlyFans List of Restricted Words in Alphabatical Order


  1. Abduct
  2. Abducted
  3. Abducting
  4. Abduction
  5. Admireme
  6. Animal
  7. Asphyxia
  8. Asphyxiate
  9. Asphyxiation
  10. Asphyxicate (Not a real word. Work around for asphyxiate.)
  11. Asphyxication (Alternative for asphyxiation.)


  1. Bait
  2. Ballbusting
  3. Bareback
  4. Beastiality
  5. Bestiality
  6. Blacked
  7. Blackmail
  8. Bleeding
  9. Blood
  10. Bloodplay
  11. Bukkake


  1. CA 
  2. Caned
  3. Caning
  4. Cannibal
  5. CashApp
  6. Cbt
  7. Cervics (Used instead of “cervix” at times.)
  8. Cerviks
  9. Cervix
  10. Child
  11. Chloroform
  12. Chloroformed
  13. Chloroforming
  14. Choke
  15. Choking
  16. Coma
  17. Comatose
  18. Consent
  19. Cp
  20. Cycle


  1. Diapers
  2. Dog
  3. Doze
  4. Drinking
  5. Drunk
  6. Drunken


  1. Eleven
  2. Enema
  3. Entrance
  4. Escort
  5. Escorting


  1. Fanfuck
  2. Fansly
  3. Farm
  4. Fecal
  5. Fetal
  6. Fisted
  7. Fisting
  8. Flogging
  9. Foetal
  10. Forced
  11. Forcedbi
  12. Forceful
  13. Forcing
  14. Fuckafan
  15. Fuckfan


  1. Gangbang
  2. Gangbangs
  3. Gaping
  4. Golden
  5. Goon
  6. Gooner
  7. Gooning (Grammatically incorrect but used frequently.)


  1. Hardsports
  2. Hooker
  3. Hypno
  4. Hypnotize
  5. Hypnotized
  6. Hypnotizing


  1. Inbreed
  2. Inbreeded (Grammatically incorrect word used often enough.)
  3. Inbreeding
  4. Incapacitate
  5. Incapacitation
  6. Incest
  7. Intox
  8. Inzest (Replaced incest often enough to trigger OnlyFans’ AI)


  1. Jail
  2. Jailbait


  1. Kidnap
  2. Kidnapped
  3. Kidnapping
  4. Knock
  5. Knocked


  1. Lactate
  2. Lactation
  3. Lolicon
  4. Lolita


  1. Manyvids
  2. Medical play
  3. Menstrate (Used too often in place of menstruate.)
  4. Menstrual
  5. Menstruate
  6. Menstruating
  7. Menstruation
  8. Meet
  9. Middle school
  10. Molest
  11. Molested
  12. Molesting
  13. Mutilate
  14. Mutilation


  1. Necrophilia
  2. N word (Racial discrimination.)


  1. Old


  1. Paddling
  2. Paralyzed
  3. Passed
  4. PayPal
  5. Pedo
  6. Pedophile
  7. Pedophilia
  8. Pee
  9. Peeplay
  10. Period
  11. Pegging
  12. Piss
  13. Pissing
  14. Poo
  15. Poop
  16. Preteen
  17. Prostituted
  18. Prostituting
  19. Prostitution
  20. Pse


  1. Rape
  2. Raping
  3. Rapist
  4. Restrictedwordtestzulu


  1. Scat
  2. School girl
  3. Showers
  4. Skat
  5. Snuff
  6. Strangled
  7. Strangling
  8. Strangulation
  9. Suffocate
  10. Suffocation
  11. Squirting


  1. Teen
  2. Toilet
  3. Toilet slave
  4. Toilet slavery
  5. Torture
  6. Tortured
  7. Trance
  8. Twelve


  1. Unconscious
  2. Unconsciousness
  3. Underage
  4. Unwilling
  5. Uterus


  1. Venmo
  2. Video calls
  3. Vomit
  4. Vomitted (Common mistake for vomited.)
  5. Vomitting (Usual replacement for vomiting.)


  1. Watersports
  2. Whipping


  1. Young
  2. Years


  1. Zoophilia

What happens when you use restricted words on OnlyFans?

If you use a banned word while texting someone on OnlyFans, the site will refuse to send the message. No punishment. Only a general warning. You risk getting flagged outside the inbox. You can’t use restricted words in captions, videos, voice notes, or live streams. 

Do it once or twice, they will delete the content. Do it thrice, you are suspended. A disabled OnlyFans account isn’t only the loss of followers but funds. Any amount you have in your wallet will be forever lost.

OnlyFans will send you an email stating the exact reason you can’t use your account. You can fix the issue and email back a screenshot of the deed. Now, it’s up to the support team whether to validate you. It can be a long, unfruitful wait. Top earners do get special treatment. If you are bringing considerable profit to the website, you may get away with more than a few pieces of content which violate the policy. 

Your chances of getting a suspended account back is also stronger. 

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How to avoid getting banned on OnlyFans for using restricted words?

OnlyFans support response of using restrict words

OnlyFans released an official statement on what words are banned only once. While more words have been added to the list, they have yet to make an announcement. The ones we know come from personal experience. It’s safer to try all kinds of words while messaging. If you get an error warning, you can’t use it on the site as a whole. 

If the genre blocked is your specialty, you could use code words. However, you will get suspended if OnlyFans finds out. A banned word equals banned content in most cases.So, limiting the word incest means you can’t roleplay scenarios where you are engaging with a family member sexually.

It does confuse us why consent is banned. In reality, it is an attempt to stop people from sharing another person’s work without their approval. However, it sadly backfires and makes the space unsafe for sex workers. OnlyFans also blocks any number with the word year used right after it. And it has to be the number itself. 

For instance, you can write “five year” but not “5 year.” Quite commendable, as these are crystal attempts at shutting out pedophilic content on the site. 

Why is OnlyFans banning particular words?

using credit card

OnlyFans support team replied to a Twitter user explaining the content and words they restrict once in 2021. 

You can not upload the following content under OnlyFans Terms of Service:

  • Promotion of other payment platforms
  • Sexualizing minors, even as a roleplay
  • Depicting bestiality (sexual relation with animals)
  • Directing models to another platform 
  • Advertising drugs, firearms, or other harmful material.
  • Actions leading to injury of any kind, including self-harm and asphyxiation. 
  • Anything involving public nudity, blood, urination, or lactation. 
  • Free use scenario
  • Playing a dead person
  • Content with gross material, such as vomiting or pooping. 
  • Penetration with items you wouldn’t count as sex toys. 
  • Any content promoting violence due to the race, gender, or skin color of a person. 
  • Attempts to scam a person out of their money. 

Pick any of the content prohibitions. What are the words related to it? Almost all of them are banned. 


Because OnlyFans wants to please credit card companies. 

Mastercard and Visa have all made it clear they do not want to perform transactions with adult sites. They up the chargeback for these sites and outright refuse payment at times. Mastercard also requires the websites to verify the age and government ID of its users. There is a reason OnlyFans asks you to consent in no uncertain terms. Simple proof you are 18 will not do. 

Overall, banks do not want anything to do with adult sites. The workaround for sites like OnlyFans is to pretend it isn’t one. 

So, contents remain delightfully vanilla, and almost all sex-related words are banned. 

Wrapping Up: Restricted Words on OnlyFans You Should Not Use

Content creators appear more frustrated than protected with OnlyFans’ insistence on banning a wide range of words. Many confess they have to speak like someone from the Regency era to get their point across. At the least, you have to open a thesaurus to find every synonym possible. 

The conversations between the creator and client aren’t always sexual. Someone could be talking about their happy days as a school kid and end up getting flagged because of “school.” 

It’s a minefield to navigate. We hope our list of restricted words on OnlyFans arms you somewhat. 

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